5 Ways to Add Value to Your Programs through Digital Content

Erica C. Boling, PhD
Northeast K9 Conditioning


Canine business owners consist of a wide variety of individuals, from dog trainers and groomers to massage providers. These business owners make a living from doing work that is predominantly hands-on and face-to-face with dogs and their owners. Some of the work is extremely physically demanding, and most of the canine professionals we know would love to earn more income per client while working fewer hours. 

Many canine professionals also strive to find ways to stand out from their competition and search for ways to add value to their programs and services. When thinking about what they can add to their programs, they never consider expanding online or adding value for their clients through online digital resources. Because most canine professionals have brick and mortar businesses where they meet the majority (or all!) of their clients face-to-face, they never consider the benefits of expanding online or adding digital products to their offerings.

There are numerous digital resources you can provide your clients to add value to your current programs, and some of them don’t take much time at all to create! When you have digital products that your clients value, you can use them in a number of different ways. For example, you can use them to add more value to your current programs, offer them as sign up bonuses, or even use them as part of a higher-end program that you offer clients.  

Adding Digital Content to Your Business

Are you struggling to envision what you could offer your clients online or as a digital resource? If yes, don’t worry! It can be difficult to think outside the box when your normal day-to-day business activities don’t involve spending all your time online, and so we listed below some examples for you.

  • Training Calendars: You can provide clients with a template that they fill out each week or month with your help, or you can provide them with a calendar that’s already completed for them. Something as simple as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF that they can download will come in handy and help keep them on track! This is a resource that comes in extremely handy for canine fitness trainers and their clients.
  • Digital Workbook: Do you already provide a lot of handouts and worksheets for your clients? Have you considered putting them all together into a digital workbook? This way, you give your clients the option to either work on their computer or print out the documents at home. Clients’ preferences can vary! Some love to print things out. Others prefer to use their mobile device or computer to access information. By sharing your resources both as hard copy and in digital form, you give them the option that best meets their needs. 
  • Checklists and Reminders: Consider sending your clients homework checklists, training tips, daily or weekly reminders, and more in a variety of different ways! Keep them on track and motivated by sending checklists and reminders through emails, text messages, downloadable infographics, and more! Do you have a lot of things to go over for your very first training class? Send clients a checklist they can download, print out, or complete on their phone so that they come prepared. Do you have clients who become easily overwhelmed and struggle knowing what they should be doing? Basic checklists and automated reminders can be a lifesaver! 
  • Video Tutorials: Video tutorials can provide tremendous value for your clients. Sharing videos of what you are teaching allows students to review your instruction between classes. Sharing video tutorials prior to meeting clients is also a great way to prep them for your first session together. (It’s also great for building a relationship with your clients, and a good relationship is what makes them keep coming back!) Make videos available online so that clients can revisit them any time they want. Add more videos over time, and before you know it, you will have a full video library! What a great resource to provide your clients!
  • Weekly Motivational Tips: Do your clients struggle to stay motivated? Do you see a lack of follow-through between sessions and classes? Consider sending them weekly motivational tips to help remind them why they came to you in the first place! Consider sending inspirational quotes or short training tips. Having problems with client follow-through during the days or weeks that you don’t’ see them? Consider sharing digital content that will inspire and motivate them!

So there you go! Five ways to add value to your programs through digital content! You can use the added value as incentives to get people to sign up, as a free bonus after they enroll, or even as a reason to raise the prices of your programs! There are many more ways to add value that go beyond this list, but hopefully, these suggestions will help you get the creative juices flowing! Once you have your content ready to share, the next thing to decide is how to get it to them. 

Sharing Content and Staying Connected 

Email is becoming a thing of the past! Instead of emailing clients or asking them to visit your website to access digital resources, make it much more convenient by sending the content directly to them. One way to easily do this is by using BizBark’s online program and having your clients download BabelBark’s free mobile app. Use the journal feature to communicate and share information with your clients. Simply upload your digital content to have it at your clients’ fingertips using the journal feature! Additionally, you can use BizBark for such things as online scheduling, easily onboarding new clients, and marketing and advertising your services to the public. To learn more about BizBark and the BabelBark mobile app, visit https://bizbark.com/.