Envision being able to transition pets to their new parents with the push of a button.

BizBark for Shelters takes the work out of shelter integration. It interfaces with shelter software like Shelter Buddy and Chameleon to import information for each adopted pet directly into the BabelBark app for Pet Parents. Our goal is to connect new pet parents into their pet communities and increase the number of successful adoptions.

Bring everyone who cares for a new pet together.

BizBark for Shelters instantly links everybody in an adoptive pet’s life. It’s the only digital software that brings you together with pet parents and veterinarians, because BizBark for Shelters links to BabelBark for pet parents, BableVet for veterinarians, and BizBark for Businesses. So, everyone can be the same page, helping the newest member of the family successfully transition.

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