Apply to join the BizBark Beta

  • Are you you ready to keep more of the money you earn as a pet sitter or walker?
  • Do you want to own your own customers?
  • Do you want to make it even easier for your customers to schedule, communicate, and pay?

Manage your own customers. Access to detailed pet information

Collect any payment type. Track invoices.

Simple booking. Customer reminders.

App messaging. SMS. Voice

We are developing a mobile app designed specifically for home based and mobile pet businesses. The BizBark app is going to disrupt the industry by letting you own your customers and control how they pay you.

Beta participants get access to BizBark for free during the program and will be rewarded with an annual subscription upon completion. Beta participants will also receive an BabelBark Health Monitor when the Beta program begins.

How much does BizBark cost?

BizBark is $29.95/month. During the Beta participants will have access to BizBark for free. When the Beta concludes, participants will be rewarded with a 12 month subscription to BizBark.

When will the Beta begin and how long will it last?

Participants selected for the Beta will be notified within 1-2 weeks. The beta will start in late June of 2020 and last 3-4 months.

How will I be notified if selected?

Selected participants will be notified via email.

How do I apply for the Beta?

You can apply for the Beta here.