BizBark & BabelBark for Pet Sitters

by Abby Cole
Posted on October 17, 2019


The pet industry as a whole is seeing a steady shift towards more technology forward practices and pet sitters are uniquely poised to take advantage of this change. Why? Because as a pet sitter, you’re already an expert in cultivating and nurturing your client relationships remotely. There may be some clients that you rarely if ever see in person after the initial meet and greet, yet pet sitters have some of the best client retention rates across the board. And this is even with generally, so much less in-person interaction than other pet service sectors. But instead of having to set up your own jerry-rigged system of client communication between texts, calls, emails, and paper forms, we built a two-tiered software system to help connect you to your clients and streamline information and communication. Meet BizBark and BabelBark.


BizBark – A Business Management Software for You 

BizBark serves as your program for storing your client information, services, and also allows you to schedule appointments, generate automatic reminders, and send promotions to your existing clients and local prospective clients. The platform is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from any one of your devices, anywhere that you have WIFI or LTE connection, critical for being on the go between house-calls and overnights. Instead of adding notes to overcrowded client cards or wishing you could reference a client file that you store at home, you have access to everything right at your fingertips.  

BabelBark – A Companion Mobile App for Your Clients

BabelBark serves as the free app for your clients to use. It allows them to store their pet’s medical history, vaccinations, nutrition information, and more right on their phone. The best part is, in the services section of the app, your clients are able to search for you, and share their pet’s care instructions, medical records, nutrition and more to you on BizBark. This either merges their existing client record or creates a new one directly into your client list on BizBark. Yes, we’re talking about automation here. We’re taking the work out of adding new and updating existing client information. 

We’re talking about never walking into your client’s home and being surprised by a scribbled note on the counter detailing barely legible never before seen pet medication instructions again. 

As we continue on your client software glow-up journey, please take a look at the following sections detailing how you can optimize the BizBark and BabelBark software combo to gain a greater sense of calm in your daily pet sitting operations and rise above your competition to meet the more technology-forward needs of your existing and potential new clients.


Streamlining Your Client Records

Manually Manage Client Data

Being constantly on the go, it’s likely that you already store some or all of your client information on your phone or on the computer. But when you store your records digitally on BizBark, you gain an information storing system specifically built for the pet industry. This means you’re able to easily highlight things like pet breed from a drop-down menu and you can quickly add new medications, vaccinations or change nutrition information to ensure one central piece of information. Then when you’re onsite with pets, you’ll always be able to login and quickly reference any pet information you need. 


You’re also able to store information on your clients themselves, like basic contact, address, phone number and add critical notes like their door code or neighbors names into the bottom notes section to eliminate room for error. 


Get Automated – Client Intake

While you can use BizBark for your own client management, it can also be used in combination with the app to save you time and also provide your clients with an interactive tool. Like we mentioned above, when your clients use the BabelBark app, they add their pet profile including all their pet details, search for you in the services section, and share their pet profile. This pulls all the data they’ve stored in their apps about their pets right into your BizBark platform. 

If your client needs to make a last minute update to their pet’s medication or nutrition routine, they simply update their app and it reflects instantly in your portal. 

What about my clients who don’t want to use an app?

Your clients can use the BabelBark app, but they absolutely do not have to. Using BizBark is simply enriched by the ability to offer your clients a free companion mobile app. You can still manually enter any client to your database.


Pet Journal: Your Figurative Swiss Army Knife  

Client Notes

As a pet sitter, you’re no stranger to elaborate requests from clients regarding their homes or pets and you’re *obviously* always more than happy to accommodate them. But after trying to juggle 6 medication routines, 3 allergies, and 4 door codes, it’s certainly helpful to have an easily accessible place where everything is recorded. That’s why we created the BizBark pet journal. 

Store photos, notes, documents and even videos within each pet profile in the journal. 

Easily refer back to client intake records or care notes you made about a pet. If you have employees or contractors, you can use it as a tool to align everyone and stop having to answer the same questions that could be answered by checking the information within the pet journal. This also ensures an even greater client satisfaction. You likely have almost every one of your client’s needs memorized, but everyone needs backup sometimes and that’s where rather than making a mistake or repeatedly asking your clients, you can check the journal.



Client Communication Portal

The pet journal can also be used as a communication portal between yourself and your clients. When your client connects to you using the BabelBark app, the connection becomes live and you can send notes, photos, documents or videos straight to your clients apps. Rightfully so, your clients are obsessed with their pets and you can show how much you appreciate them and their business by sending a quick photo or video of their pet on a walk or cozied up in their bed for the night.

Moreover, as their pet sitter you’re the sole person monitoring that pet’s health while the owners away. The pet journal equips you with the ability to share non-emergency photos and observations on a pet’s health with not only the owner but also their vet and other pet service providers. Perhaps you notice some hot spots on the dog in the summer. You can snap a picture, add a note and get a quick reply from the pet parent. But more importantly, now the history of the hot spot is logged and even if it dissipates naturally, the pet parent can take it and share it with their veterinarian down the line. 

Promotions: Increase Client Retention & Attract New Business

Easily run promotions on BizBark to generate new business and increase client retention. The ads you run from BizBark get sent directly to both your clients on the BabelBark app and other pet owners in your area who haven’t chosen preferred pet sitters yet.