BizBark & BabelBark for Shelters & Rescues: Part 1

Foster Program Management

by Abby Cole
Published on October 24, 2019


Whether you work, manage or volunteer at a shelter or rescue organization, there’s one thing you know for sure–there’s never enough time in the day and the resources you do have are precious. Tracking people down to get information from them is difficult and especially when you may also need video or photos of the foster dogs as well. 


One of our goals at BizBark is to help you cut down on the time you spend managing your foster program through automation and streamlined communication in one, connected, cloud-based system, BizBark and BabelBark. 


BizBark – Shelter or Rescue Software 

BizBark is your cloud-based software where you can store and organize a pets history, medical records, nutrition information, attach documents, etc. Read on to hear how the companion mobile app, BabelBark, allows your foster parents to connect to you and share updates on their foster pet directly into your BizBark software and connecting the two of you remotely. 


BabelBark – Free Companion Mobile App for Foster Parents 

BabelBark is a free mobile app for foster pet parents and pet parents alike to manage everything from their pet’s vaccination records to their nutrition information and activity levels. BabelBark app users can also search for pet service providers in their area on the app. Then, pet parents can choose to share their pet’s profile with any shelter/rescue, groomer, trainer, veterinarian, etc. All the information that they’ve stored in their app, gets instantly dropped into the pet businesses BizBark account upon sharing. 


Here’s the breakdown of how you can stay connected with your foster parents remotely using the software combo:  


  1. Shelter/Rescue gets set up on BizBark 
  2. Foster parents download BabelBark, input foster pet profiles
  3. Foster parent searches for shelter/rescue in services section
  4. Foster parent shares pet profile with shelter/rescue 
  5. Foster pet information is linked from app to BizBark account  


This is all matters because this gives the shelter or rescue a window into the foster pet’s life while they’re away that would otherwise be very difficult to get. 


See changes in medication, nutrition, and even measure whether the foster parent is compliant with daily activity guidelines if using the BabelBark Health Monitor right inside your BizBark portal. 


Pet Journal: One place for all foster communication 

The pet journal is a linked tool that lives in both the BizBark pet profile and the BabelBark app pet profile. Both parties, foster and shelter can add photos, videos, notes and even attach documents in the pet journal to be accessible by the other. For instance, if you set the expectation that your foster parent is to share an updated photo each week and a note on any updates, they can utilize the pet journal right from BabelBark. 

This means that each update lives in one singular place to be referred back to at any time, rather than chasing down information across multiple channels. 


On top of this, anyone from your shelter or rescue organization with proper access can log in to BizBark to review and reply to any foster parents inquiries or updates from wherever they have WiFi or LTE service, easing your organization’s ability to collaborate.


Furthermore, when the foster pet is adopted, you can then take that log of information and pass on critical information gleaned by the foster parent to the new adopter to set them up for success. 


Remote Activity Monitoring with Fosters 

Shelters and rescues can also choose to take advantage of remote activity monitoring with their fosters through the use of the BabelBark Health Monitor. This is a great option for organizations that run behavior modification programs. Many programs of this type hinge on the assumption that foster parents are meeting the daily recommended activity level for each pet in the modification program. 



The health monitor syncs wirelessly with the foster parents app, and the activity data it collects is automatically updated in BizBark for the shelter or rescue to view. 

This offers the foster program managers insight into how the foster pets are progressing in real time and allows them to intervene or provide tips of motivation when needed. Program managers can easily check in with foster parents through the pet journal if they notice activity levels dropping. 

On the flip side, some foster parents may be working with dogs who are recovering from an injury. While they build their strength, program managers may advise the parents to not allow the pet to exceed a certain amount of activity each day to ensure a speedy recovery. To this end, the shelter or rescue still has the same level of insight to follow those recovery processes closely. 


Overall, the remote connection and level of detailed insight BizBark & BabelBark provide foster program managers is unlike any other software solution on the market. Please schedule a demo with our BizBark experts to learn how the software can be used for your specific foster program, or organization as a whole.