Groomers: Everything You Need to Know About BizBark & BabelBark

by Abby Cole
Posted on October 10, 2019


If you’ve consistently wished there were more hours in the day, chances are good that you’re in the pet grooming industry. Your time is money. When you own and run a business, it can sometimes feel like you’re in it on your own. There are many pieces that go into creating a smooth day to day operating process for yourself, your employees, and most importantly, your clients. Whether you’re completely overwhelmed and looking for a software to simplify your life, or if you’re just interested in checking out what pet specific programs exist, it’s worth learning the unique solution that BizBark & BabelBark offer.

Our combination of software was uniquely formulated to suit the changing needs of your evolving client base. Times are changing. 

The millennial generation now makes up the primary pet-owning demographic. 

More and more pet businesses are implementing new programs and services to better suit the needs of this technology-centric group. They do more on their phones using apps than on paper and the pet businesses that are able to rise to meet the needs of this new generation are going to be much more successful in the long-term than those who don’t adapt. We’re here to help you do that, you’re no longer in it alone. We created BizBark, to serve as your cloud-based business portal, and BabelBark a free mobile app that your clients and pet parents alike use to manage and share their pet’s information.


BizBark – A Business Management Software for You 

BizBark serves as your program for storing your client information, services, and also allows you to schedule appointments, generate automatic reminders, and send promotions to your existing clients and local prospective clients. The platform is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from any one of your devices, anywhere that you have WIFI or LTE connection. The days of forgetting your appointment book or client directory at home are over.


BabelBarkA Companion Mobile App for Your Clients

BabelBark serves as the app for your clients to use. It allows them to store their pet’s medical history, vaccinations, nutrition information, and more right on their phone. The best part is, in the services section of the app, your clients are able to search for you, and share their pet’s basic information and medical records, either merging their existing client record or creating a new one instantly directly into your client list on BizBark. Yes, we’re talking about automation here. We’re taking the work out of adding new and updating existing client information. We’re talking about never chasing down a vaccination record again. *Imagines self sitting on a beach drinking something frozen*.

All this, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about the practical uses of BizBark & BabelBark to not only save you time in your daily operations, but also how your business offerings can be enriched and modernized to rise above the competition in the following sections.





Digitizing your Client Records


Many grooming businesses use paper cards that new clients fill out upon their first visit which leaves them vulnerable to accidents or natural disasters that impact business spaces. Paper copies can be lost or misplaced and difficulty updating these records are all issues associated with using this singular form of information storage. On BizBark, your client records are stored digitally.

Having your client records stored digitally allows you to be agile in updating notes and it removes the risk of losing or damaging cards. 

Furthermore, BizBark isn’t stuck on one computer, your list can be accessed from any device with wifi or LTE connection, should you need to login elsewhere. This makes your business overall more resilient and adaptable.

If you do still use paper, we do understand it can be a daunting thought to imagine making the transition to digital when you might already have hundreds of client records on paper cards, and an established client base.

That’s why we’re here to digitize your records for you, for free. Yes, for free. We are so committed to your success when you adopt our system, we’re willing to invest in you to get there. Work with your dedicated BizBark account manager to get your entire list uploaded to your account.


What about new clients?

However, after your existing clients are uploaded, what about all the new clients you take? When a new client walks in your door, you simply pass them some information on downloading BabelBark provided by your account manager. They input their pet information, including their vaccination records, allergies, medical history, etc. then, they search for your business listing and share their profile sending their information into your BizBark client directory automatically.


What about my clients who don’t want to use an app?

When using BizBark, your clients can use the BabelBark app, but they absolutely do not have to. Using BizBark is simply enriched by the ability to offer your clients a free companion mobile app. You can still manually enter any client to your database.





BizBark Pet Journal – Communicate with Clients & Store Pet Notes


  1.     Your Client Notes Organization Tool

Something we’ve heard across the board from groomers is that it is essential to have a space in their business management software to store client and pet preferences and habits. We heard you and that’s why we’ve created the pet journal. 

Store photos, notes, documents and even videos within each pet profile in the journal. 

Easily refer back to what scissor and razor types you use on each pet. Use it as a tool to align employees and stop answering the same questions that could be answered by checking the information within the pet journal. This also ensures an even greater client satisfaction. You likely have almost every one of your client’s needs memorized, but everyone needs backup sometimes and that’s where rather than making a mistake or repeatedly asking your clients, you can check the journal.


  1.     Your Client Communication Portal

You can also improve your connection with your clients and continue to build their loyalty to you by sending them photos of their pets grooms from BizBark straight to their journal in the BabelBark app. Rightfully so, your clients are obsessed with their pets and you can show how much you appreciate them and their business by sending a quick photo to them after grooms.

Moreover, as a groomer, you likely see your clients and their pets on a much more regular basis than their vet does. 

You’re the one that’s going to be noticing the subtle changes in the pet’s health. 

Perhaps it’s dry skin or a lump the owner wasn’t aware of. With the pet journal, you can share photos and notes on your findings with the owner so they can then take your findings directly to their vet.




Automatic Appointment Reminders 

Another feature in high demand is automatic appointment reminders with every booked appointment. BizBark ambassador Joey Villiani often addresses the issue of groomers leaving money on the table by not investing in programs that allow automatic appointment reminders, as it’s a simple time saving feature that has a large impact.

BizBark is equipped with a three-tiered, automatic email reminder system on each booked appointment.

The client receives a confirmation at the time of booking, another reminder two days before their appointment, and an additional reminder two hours before their appointment. If your client is using the BabelBark app, then they will also receive push notifications on their phone reminding them of their upcoming appointment.





Promotions: Increase Client Retention & Attract New Business

Easily run promotions on BizBark to generate new business and increase client retention. The ads you run from BizBark get sent directly to both your clients on the BabelBark app and other pet owners in your area who haven’t chosen preferred groomers yet.