Groomers! Make the Holiday Crunch Time Easier

By Joey Villani
CEO of Intergroom International & VP of World Dog Expo


It is that time of year when everyone wants their pet looking good for holiday pictures and receiving guests. As for grooming professionals, we welcome this desire for picture-perfect pets… however, we don’t welcome the last-minute demands. It is not that we want to be a “Scrooge,” after all, we tell pet parents to schedule salon appointments early to avoid a problem, yet there are always a few who ignore the advice. The following are some tips to make the holiday crunch time a little sweeter.

R e p e a t   b o o k i n g – it can’t be said enough the importance of getting pets on a regular schedule. We groomers know it is a priority, and many of our clients will heed the advice to book grooming appointments in advance. But there are always ones who don’t – you know who they are. As the holiday season approaches, it is beneficial to contact those clients and get the appointments scheduled. OK, this may not be anything new, but what is new is an easier way to do it. 

BizBark is an excellent tool for groomers because it allows you to be connected to your clients via their smartphones. Simply send out a reminder notice. Your client can select one of your grooming services and request an appointment – even when the salon is closed. 

Open appointment slots may still be available once you have filled in your regulars. Instead of leaving it up to chance to fill in those openings, let other pet owners know that space is limited for getting Fido ready for that picture with Santa. Hate to spend money on advertising? There is an easier way to get the message out.

BizBark has an easy promotion feature to enable you to drive traffic to your salon – use it to alert your clients and potential clients that appointment openings are going like ‘hot cakes.’

Don’t let the Grinch steal your holiday joy. Connect with your clients and stop the hectic, last-minute grooming requests for the holiday season. Use the magic of BizBark to remind your clients about holiday scheduling and blast alerts to encourage pet parents to get their pets into ribbons and bows for pictures with Santa.