How to Become a Household Name

By Joey Villani, CEO of Intergroom International & VP of World Dog Expo

Are you a household name? Are you a person who is well known by the public, a grooming professional who is known in your niche?  While marketing efforts such as mass mailings, signage, business cards, and social media use give you the tools to get your name out there, they can be expensive and it is hard to know if you ever connected with the pet parents in your area. To build the trust that leads to becoming a household name, you must make a connection with pet parents.

To achieve the household name status, pay attention to the following actions:

  • Market Your Brand – yes, I know I just said it wouldn’t guarantee the household name status, but without it, you aren’t going far. Know your audience and what appeals to the pet parents in your area. Keep in mind, it is also important to know pet industry trends and your competitors, as these will give you ideas for marketing your brand.
  • Use Social Media – and use it professionally. The goal is to build familiarity with you and your business brand. Avoid using your personal social media sites to market your grooming business or connect with clients – be the professional that you are. 
  • Build trust – Building trust is one of the most important parts of becoming a household name. Familiarity with you and your business helps to build trust – and familiarity comes from staying connected with your pet parents.
  • Deliver quality service – and encourage pet parents to “share” you with their friends and family.
  • Network – work with other pet professionals in your area, building professional relationships and trust among the professional group.

Finding the time to do all of these can be difficult! Jumping in and out of social media, or producing poorly thought-out marketing materials will only do more harm than good. It is important to choose the technology and business system that will make it easier for you to become a household name.

When you market, use programs that target your area and your clients. This is where networking with other pet professionals comes in handy. BizBark is a company that can help with networking and marketing.

BizBark has a unique set up whereby pet professionals in the same area can connect. Imagine if a dog sitter, a veterinarian, a groomer, and a pet parent were linked. I know, sounds like the start of joke, but what if? What could this team do for the pet? Vaccine records could be seen by the pet sitter, so time wasn’t wasted trying to get a copy of the records. The groomer could snap a picture of a skin issue and send it to the pet parent and the veterinarian. This professional “team” would be better prepared to tend to the pet’s needs and keep people in the loop as significant issues came up. How nice would it be to have the pet professionals linked so they could provide quality care? BizBark enables that connection.

In addition to linking pet professionals and pet parents, BizBark enhances your ability to build trust and market your services. Send deals to your targeted clients, and work with other pet professionals to co-brand marketing efforts. BizBark also makes it easier to track your appointments and send reminders to your clients. 

Groomers do not have extra hours in the day to manage the business, let alone focus on how to become a household name, so choose a system that helps you. BizBark is an inexpensive  system connecting groomers, pet parents, and other pet professionals for the good of the pet and for the good of the business.