How to Create Eye-Catching Promotions (Even If You’re Not Artsy)

We’ve all been there.  You go into that store you love just to buy that ONE thing.  You swear you’re going to leave with JUST THAT ONE THING.  You’ve pepped yourself up the entire ride, and your self-control turned up to 11.  Just that one thing and you’re out.

… But, that one item is buy one get one free (so you’re obviously going to buy two) and that other thing you really like is 25% off.  You’re basically wasting money if you don’t buy the lot of it, right?!



… and they exist for a reason.  We’re not saying you should discount your services or sell yourself short.  There are tons of ways to utilize promotions- which we’ll dig into later.  Today we’re going to discuss how to create promotions even if computers or creativity aren’t exactly your thing.

  1.  Keep it simple:  You don’t need to load a ton of information into a graphic.  Chances are, your customers and clients will be viewing your promotion on their phone.  You want to make it as simple and readable as possible.  Any additional information can usually fit into an additional description area.
  2. Use an app:  You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Pic an app that has preset layouts that you can customize to fit your needs. There are some seriously great apps for when it comes to creating eye catching graphics .  Three of the top rated apps for being super simple, quick and effective are Canva, Word Swag, and Assembly.
  3. Be true to your brand:  You want clients to look at your promotions as a whole and instantly feel as though it represents your brand.  Try sticking to a color scheme and picking two or three fonts to use in your designs.

When in doubt, the world wide web is a great place to go searching for inspiration!