Pet Sitters – Recognize The Power of Videos and Photos

How many cat videos have you watched on YouTube? How many Instagram pictures of pets have you sent or received? The truth is, pet people are hooked on pet videos and pictures. What is the point…well, if you are a pet professional working to grow your business and retain your current clientele, you may want to use pictures and videos. Now, this is not to say to video your client’s crazy dog and post it for the world to see. The message is to use the power of pictures to engage your clients and improve the care the pet receives. 


Consider some common questions and requests of your clients: Will you provide me with daily updates?

What does your visit include? Does my pet enjoy your company? Pictures and videos can make it easy for you to send updates to the pet parent. How about a video of the dog chasing the ball or taking a walk…maybe a walk to get the paper and mail? What about a video of the cat playing with the laser light? Perhaps you can send a picture with a cute caption to brighten mom’s day or for dad’s bragging rights.


BabelBark pup, Declan, thoroughly enjoying his stay at Royal Paws K9

Moving to the next step, ask the pet parents to sign off sharing by your business. Maybe the pet parent could add a short testimonial to go along with the picture. Perhaps you could create a theme for the month and snap photos of the pet enjoying the time with you.

  • January 6 – national cuddle up day
  • January – national walk your pet month
  • February 20 – love your pet day
  • February 23 – national dog biscuit day

You get the idea, use a “national day” and have fun with your clientele. Be sure to obtain permission to use any pictures on your business website.


No need to fret about reinventing the wheel. Some platforms and apps are readily available for use. One such app, BabelBark, makes it easy to share pictures and videos. An added benefit to using BabelBark is the connectivity with any of the other pet professionals providing care to the pet. Consider a more serious video scenario.


Lucy Lu is a wonderful dog who loves to chase a ball. While doing the typical playtime, you notice Lucy pulling up her right rear leg. Rather than writing a note to the pet parent, you videotape it and upload to your BizBark platform which immediately sends it to the pet parent’s BabelBark app. This video of Lucy limping is now available for Lucy’s pet parents to send to her veterinarian to review and discuss recommendations. You are now a vital link in the care of the pet and included in the loop as a treatment plan, and medical records are uploaded to the pet parent’s app for immediate sharing with you.


Videos and Photos are powerful tools – but they are powerful beyond the use of marketing or engaging people with you; they are sometimes better than words when showing a pet’s behavior that may be signaling a medical issue. Using the right tools for the business, such as BabelBark, pet professionals can strengthen the bond with the pet parent and stay in the loop with the other professionals who are taking care of the pet. 


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