Save Time, Attract More Clients and Grow Your Business

Erica C. Boling, PhD
Northeast K9 Conditioning


Do you get frustrated with missed appointments and clients not showing up? Do you wonder how many clients you might be losing because you can’t always answer the phone and people aren’t leaving messages? Do you wish you didn’t have to deal with so much paperwork when it comes to running your business? 

These are common frustrations that a large number of pet professionals experience, and yet there are solutions that many are ignoring. 

Going digital can save the day. Yes, there are skeptics out there and not everybody loves technology, but isn’t it worth considering if it makes your life easier? Isn’t it worth it if it helps you attract more clients? 

Imagine sending out automated reminders and more people showing up to their appointments. Imagine having the entire history of a client at your fingertips and available through your phone or other mobile device. The technology and tools are there, but are you using them?

Here are just a few of the many ways that going digital can save you time and help you grow your business. 

  • Online scheduling: If potential clients need to go through a series of steps or website clicks to reach you, they are less likely to make that phone call or send an email. When it comes to scheduling appointments, services or classes, you want to make it as easy as possible for current and future clients. You can’t get much easier (or more convenient) than scheduling with a single click through the phone. If you aren’t using online scheduling (or online payment services!) with your business, there is a good chance you’re losing money.
  • Automated Reminders: Everybody gets busy. It’s easy to forget about important dates and times when we all lead such hectic lives. Scheduling automatic reminders is one great way to remember appointments, and both you and your clients will benefit. Current clients and potential clients can no longer say they forgot! Imagine being able to send an automated personal note and reminder that goes right to their phone. As soon as you set up those automated reminders, watch your number of “no shows” greatly decline. 
  • Digital Journals: There isn’t a single person alive who says, “Give me more paperwork to complete!” Paperwork can bog us down and keep us from doing what we love most. Not only do we lose time filling out paperwork, but we also lose time trying to find important information as we search through our notes. Imagine having the entire history of a client organized, easily searchable and right at your fingertips! Imagine being able to quickly and easily jump to the notes that you took 5 months ago to find that bit of useful information that you were afraid you had lost. Having our client notes, files and documents easily accessible doesn’t just save us time. It helps us better serve our clients because we have more time to focus on what is truly important.
  • Improved Communication: Tired of repeating the same thing over and over to all your clients or staff? Imagine creating this information just once, and then easily sharing it online. Don’t worry about important information getting lost in translation when your daytime staff goes home and your weekend staff arrives. If it’s all documented in your easy-to-share, online journal, the important details won’t be missed. Imagine being able to quickly and easily point to an online training resource when a client, trainer or staff member can’t remember what you covered last week. These are just a few of the many advantages of going digital with your communications. 

If you want to learn more about going digital with your pet business, check out BabelBark’s “BizBark” platform, which was designed to meet the unique needs of professionals involved in the pet care industry. BabelBark offers a cloud-based business portal, free mobile app and health monitor that provide an easy way for training and behavior experts to connect with pets, people and professional partners throughout the community. Some of BabelBark’s many features include a pet journal that allows two-way communication between pet owners and professionals. It also has an easy-to-use online scheduling tool and push notifications, including automated reminders, that can be sent directly to a client’s phone. 

Imagine having a multitude of information at your fingertips, all in one location. Connecting individuals and enhancing communication through a single platform are the first steps for truly transforming the way you do your business. For more details on BizBark and how it can be used to support your business, click below to create your free account today and be sure to schedule your BizBark demo.