Something to Bark About
A Tool to Improve the Pet Service Business

With Advice by Jocelyn Rowe, Tender Paws

BC, Canada

Running a business is not always easy. Especially a business that caters to dogs and pet parents. Be it fitness, training, daycare, sports, walking, grooming, or boarding, offering services to a wide variety of dog breeds and pet parents can be stressful to even the most experienced pet professional. Managing a pet business is so much more than simply providing a service and receiving payment for it. Trust must be earned, bonds must be formed, and the overall health of the pet is paramount to the success of the business.

Pet parents have high expectations. They expect quality care and knowledgeable professionals providing the care. Pet parents expect structured and unstructured play time, activities, snacks, naps, and quiet time. And they expect their pet to be happy and tired at the end of a day spent at daycare. Speaking of the end of the day, pet parents also expect a report, an update from the day or, at the very least, a weekly report card.

To be fair, pet professionals have high expectations of the pet parent as well. Pet professionals expect to be told about the pet’s health and behavioral issues. They expect updated information about dietary restrictions and the type of treats the pet prefers. And they expect the pet to be healthy and up to date on vaccinations.

There needs to be a way to satisfy all those expectations. It needs to be easy. It needs to provide seamless connections. It needs to be cost-effective. It is time to discover BizBark™, the client relationship management tool for pet professionals from BabelBark.  

BizBark has a lot of great features for pet professionals – sharing pet health information, easy scheduling with clients, blasting promotions to existing clients, and “getting found” in local search results to help find new clients. Jocelyn Rowe, a canine fitness addict and trainer at Tender Paws in Cobble Hill, Canada, loves the idea of using one of the features, the BabelBark Fitness Tracker, for her own pets and her business.

According to Jocelyn, the fitness tracker allows her to see the real amount of fitness her dogs are getting. She can easily monitor the amount of exercise and track it against the daily requirements established for each dog. Jocelyn then considered potential uses in her business, which includes grooming, daycare, walking, boarding, and training.

Speaking of opportunities, BizBark gives pet professionals other opportunities to connect with pet parents. Information can be shared about a pet’s medications, dietary changes, and health issues – thus significantly reducing the risk of a pet parent forgetting to disclose changes when he/she drops off the pet for an appointment. This sharing of information can occur within a pet’s “village” – which includes the pet parent, the veterinarian, groomer, trainer, pet sitter and other pet professionals.

Jocelyn first discovered the benefits of connecting to the “village” through BizBark for her pets. The experience helped her share information about her pets with other professionals providing care and to realize the benefits when used at her business, Tender Paws.

In addition to opportunities, many of the features also save pet professionals valuable time. No more writing down so much information when a pet parent drops off his/her pet at the business. No more waiting for vaccination records. No more missed updates. No more games of phone tag with pet parents. BabelBark for pet parents and BizBark for Jocelyn’s business made the connections and kept everyone in communication, saving time and strengthening the bond between all of them.

If BizBark helps a business woman like Jocelyn this much, imagine how much it can help your business – be it grooming, daycare, walking, boarding, or training! Everyone can be connected and easily share information so that a pet is cared for by a knowledgeable group of people (aka the village) who are crazy about pets.