Technology to Improve Your Grooming Business

By Joey Villani, CEO of Intergroom International & VP of World Dog Expo

The March 2019 issue of Groomer to Groomer* has some articles that present topics that I call “Food for Thought.” These ideas are scattered throughout the magazine, and here are just a few:

  • Don’t be average
  • A majority of revenue comes from repeat customers
  • Network with other pet care professionals to cross-promote each other
  • Find more ways to ease our daily tasks
  • Will we still know our client pets on a personal level?
  • Will we know our client preferences and form personal relationships with them?
  • As technology creeps into our pet grooming businesses, how do we, as pet professionals, alter our own perspective to keep up with our clients?
  • If your shop isn’t keeping up-to-date shot records, you are running the risk of legal problems and endangering your staff and your four-legged clients.

There are more, but let’s stop here for now. How in the world can we tackle all of these? Oh sure, it is easy to ponder these points – and it is even easier to drive ourselves crazy trying to come up with ideas and solutions, implementing a plan, and tracking the success rate.  There has got to be technology available to groomers to enable easy “digestion” of these “foods for thought.”

Luckily for the grooming profession, BizBark is available.  BizBark is a web-based tool from BabelBark that will help groomers conduct business on our terms, at any time and from anywhere.  Take the point about the majority of revenue coming from repeat customers (see Malissa Conti-Diener’s article). I have always been a huge promoter of repeat-booking because it can raise our annual revenue by up to 50%. BizBark can allow the groomer to move this one from the “ponder” list to the “doing it” list because BizBark makes scheduling and repeat-booking easy.    

How about the point about keeping up-to-date with vaccine records?  (Read Jeff Dickerson’s article, “An Essential Asset to Your Business”).  BizBark, when connected to the pet parent’s BabelBark app and BabelVet, enables the groomer to automatically request and receive the up-to-date vaccine record of the pet. No more delays calling the veterinarian, no more risk to staff or other pets by having an unvaccinated pet in your facility.  Talk about a time saver and a stress reliever all rolled into one tool!

Have a dog on the table that has a new skin sore? Kathy Hosler writes about taking pictures of anything out of the ordinary and sending it to the owner.  Why not send it to the veterinarian, too – and then participate in a conversation with the veterinarian and pet parent about the care that can be done while on your table and once it goes home? BizBark enables that connection with veterinarians and pet parents through the BabelVet web portal (for veterinarians) and the BableBark mobile app (for pet parents0.

We all know the power of networking – but who has enough hours in the day to network? BizBark can help. BizBark puts networking in your hands so you can network on your time, connecting with other professionals in your community, and even hearing about and sharing information on the care of the pets you groom. (And let’s not discount the power of referrals in your network).

Need to do a little marketing? Daryl Conner gives great tips in her article and points out that social media is powerful. BizBark can assist any groomer with the easy process of blasting deals to your area customers.  

Khris Berry points out in the article, “Technology: A Tour Through Time,” that most clients today “interface with your business electronically (pg.36).”  Do they interface electronically at your business? If they don’t, would you like to implement an easy tool to enable this? BizBark for you and the BabelBark app for your client make this connection easy. Khris contemplates further into the future and wonders if we will “still know our clients on a personal level” given the rapid expansion of technology.  BizBark would say YES, you would know your clients even better than you do now when your clients journal about their pets in the BabelBark app and your connection shows you the update, so you are ready to address any changes at the next grooming appointment. Technology can make personal connections stronger.

Don’t be average.  Malissa Conti-Diener writes that some groomers are content with being average while others put extra effort to exceed customer expectations. BizBark can take your grooming business from average to amazing.  Get your clients talking about the great experience they and their pets have at your business. Boost your business by keeping up-to-date on the latest news, getting ideas from your colleagues by reading Groomer to Groomer, and signing up for BizBark.

In short, be extraordinary. It will take your grooming business to the next level.





*  Technology: A Tour Through Time.  Groomer to Groomer. Vol. 38. Ed 3.  March 2019