Trainers: How to Optimize BizBark and BabelBark

by Abby Cole
Posted on October 3, 2019


As a dog trainer, your time is very valuable and often stretched thin between after-hours client calls and emails, to extra sessions, business development, bookkeeping, and oh–actually trying to have a life outside of work! BizBark and BabelBark are the software combo you’ve been waiting for. Specifically built to not only make your life easier, but to enrich your business. 


The Short Version

How it Works: 

A cloud-based business portal for you, and a free mobile app for your clients. Communica

te across platforms and enjoy automatic updates to your pet records straight from your clients’ apps.

BabelBark Health Monitor: 

Set tailored activity goals for each client and hold them accountable for exercising their pet.

Pet Journal: 

The pet journal is a communication portal linking BizBark and BabelBark. Send resources to your client’s apps, provide encouragement and answer questions.

Generating New Revenue Streams: 
Monetize the health monitor and pet journal into packages to generate more income. 



The Long Version

How it Works:

Just like you wouldn’t solve a leak in a boat by continuously scooping the water out rather than patching the leak itself, we wouldn’t simply provide only you a business management software and ignore the other half of the equation, your clients. You can do everything in the world for your clients, but they need to have the tools available to them to be empowered to become a partner is their dogs training. This is precisely why we created BizBark, the business portal for you, and BabelBark, the free mobile app for your clients and pet parents alike to use. 


You use BizBark to manage your client information, schedule appointments, generate automatic reminders, send promotions, and to communicate directly with clients on the BabelBark app. Your clients use BabelBark to record their pets medical history, nutrition information, track daily activity levels and to connect with you. Clients on the app simply search for you in the services section of the app and connect by swiping a button to share their pet profiles. Their pet profiles (medical history, nutrition, activity) are instantly either merged with your existing client record in BizBark, or simply added if they’re new. First, this gives you an instant clear and holistic picture of your clients pet that is otherwise hard and time consuming to gather. Second, if the client is utilizing the BabelBark Health Monitor, all of their pets activity data is also shared directly into your BizBark portal. It goes without saying that medical history, nutrition and daily activity levels directly impact the path you choose for a certain dog’s training. Having this
information easily accessible is invaluable to the effectiveness of your training.  


BabelBark Health Monitor: Revolutionizing Client Compliance 

Like with many things in life, you get out what you put in to training. This sentiment can sometimes be challenging to convey to well-intentioned but busy clients. Simply attending the sessions is merely a portion of the work. It is up to them to take the initiative outside of class and execute your teachings. And wouldn’t it be lovely to have a tool that you could use to measure and ensure client compliance outside of sessions? Glad you asked. This is where the BabelBark Health Monitor comes in. The monitor is worn on the pet’s collar at all times and syncs wirelessly with the pet owner’s app. It’s battery powered, waterproof and can store up to 30 days of 

data between syncs. 

What’s more is that pet owners set their own activity goals for each unique pet. As their trainer, you sit down with them and the app, and help designate what activity goals they need to reach each day. In between sessions, you can monitor how well they’re doing at meeting their daily goals within their pet profile in BizBark. If you had advised that their pet needs a high amount of activity in order to begin to see a behavior change, and the client comes back reporting that there’s been no change and that they’re doing everything they can. You now have the visibility into the activity chart of their pet right from BizBark so you can verify, are they really exercising their pet the amount you prescribed or not? 


Pet Journal: Your Communication Portal 

The more resources and support your clients have, the better chance that they’ll be successful. And you’re likely very used to going above and beyond with new tools and documents, maybe even videos for clients who need it. But wouldn’t it be nice if providing this assistance were less taxing? Instead of wading through client emails and texts to see what you sent to who, the pet journal is your new, singular client communication line. It links directly to your client on the BabelBark app to their journal. From BizBark you can quickly and easily send weekly training homework documents, photos, videos, notes of encouragement or reminders and you can also choose to answer client questions through the journal as well. This allows you to refer back to everything you’ve sent to any one of your clients. Providing your client with the support so critical to a successful training program. 


Generating New Revenue Streams with BizBark & BabelBark 

Now that you understand the applications of the BizBark & BabelBark software combo, we can get creative. If you put on your business development hat, you’ll begin to see all of the possibilities that exist to create new packages of offerings incorporating our platforms. Here are a few examples to consider (prices fictional): 



One on One Separation Anxiety Package $1,200


  • 1 BabelBark Heath Monitor and Activity Consultation ($50 value) 
  • 6 week course, 2 sessions weekly ($1,200 value) 
  • At least
    1 training resource per session via the BabelBark journal ($10 value each)
  • Daily weekday remote consulting available for questions, comments through BabelBark Journal ($300 value)


One on One Agility Training Package $850


  • 1 BabelBark Heath Monitor and Activity & Strength Consultation ($60 value) 
  • 6 week course, 1 session weekly ($600 value)
  • 2 training resources per session via the BabelBark journal ($10 value each)
  • Daily weekday remote consulting available for questions, comments through BabelBark Journal ($300 value) 


Remote Training Package $650 


  • 1 BabelBark Heath Monitor and Virtual Activity Consultation ($50 value) 
  • 6 week course, 1 virtual Skype session weekly ($400 value)
  • 4 remote training resources per week (combo of video, photos and documents, $5 value each)
  • Daily remote consulting available for questions, comments through BabelBark Journal ($450 value) 


* You purchase the health monitor at a wholesale price and bundle it into the services you offer, monetizing the monitor as well as the BabelBark journal and your time spent responding to and providing assistance to clients outside of sessions.