Where Do Grooming Clients Come From?

With tips from Joey Villani, CEO of Intergroom International & VP of World Dog Expo

Who are your clients? Are they your “regulars?” The ones who only come in for the annual de-matting? Where do they come from – your town, the next town? Determining who your clients are, where they come from, and how far they are willing to drive to see you will add to your success and help cut down the cost of your marketing.  

Most groomers are using social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest) to speak to their clients and hopefully gain new ones, but what other ways can groomers reach clients? Websites? Yes, but they cost money and require constant attention. Referral programs? Sure, if you can guarantee that your clients are spreading the word and handing out your business cards. Do you even track where your new clients are coming from? Do your social media posts add new clients to your business, or are you getting “likes” from people who are 4 hours away and never coming to your business?

It is always important to know where your leads are coming from – from client referrals, the internet, yellow pages, or radio. Why? Because you need to know what is working for you and where to continue spending your money. You want to ensure the maximum impact of clients. (Joey Villani “Business Tips & Tricks with Joey: They Need to Know Where You Are”)

Marketing costs time and money – and you don’t want to waste either one of those by promoting your business in locations that are too far away or to people who have no use for your services. This lack of specificity leads many groomers to stick with what is free and easy to use to avoid a loss. But there may be another option for reaching people who have pets and are near your business. BizBark for pet professionals is that option.

BizBark lets you blast deals on sales and promotions to people in the targeted area around your business. It helps you connect with pet parents in your local area where your marketing efforts will work best. Instead of trying to decide where to spend marketing dollars, groomers using BizBark pay a flat monthly fee to use all of the features – including the feature that allows you to blast deals, plus a geo-location marketing service, plus advertising. No more budgeting for that scheduling program! BizBark makes it easy. The features are all in one platform.

BizBark connects to a free app, called BabelBark, that pet parents download. BizBark allows you to communicate your offers to pet parents within 25 miles of your location, as well as your current clients.  Why is this important? Joey Villani, (professional pet groomer, CEO of Intergroom International, and VP of World Dog Expo) emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your target area in his YouTube video:  “Determining Your Radius: Grooming Tips and Tricks with Joey.”

“Spend your [advertising] dollars mainly within the circle that the people are willing to travel” because those people in that circle are the ones who are going to sustain your business.

Joey says it is essential to know how far people will want to travel to get to your grooming business. The people in that circle make up your target area, where you want to concentrate your advertising dollars. Take a look at your current clientele and map out the radius around your business to identify your circle.

Next, use BizBark to blast deals to pet parents, both clients and prospects, who live in your targeted area — no more wasting money on marketing that is lost on non-pet people or too far out of your circle. BizBark makes it easy to connect with pet parents and market your practice to those who are most likely to become customers.

Want to learn more tips on marketing to the clients you want? Check out Joey Villani’s videos and click on the link below to learn more about what BizBark can offer.